Chema-Elektromet Spółdzielnia Pracy is a private pharmaceutical company operating on the market for over 70 years.

The Company has two production plants, one of which manufactures medicinal products and the other one produces medical devices.

The strategic goal of Chema-Elektromet Spółdzielnia Pracy is the production of pharmaceuticals of the highest quality that meet specific therapeutic requirements, needs and expectations of both patients and the medical community. Over 70 years of experience gives you the comfort of safety and confidence that Chema-Elektromet products are the right solutions and technologies for you.

The Company’s offer includes over 100 different products, mainly for dentists and dermatologists. Dermatological production is mainly antibiotic ointments with various active substances applicable in most skin diseases. Dental production is mainly medical devices necessary in every dental office.

The growing competition of new generations of medicinal products and medical devices, as well as the great progress in the work of physicians, means that the list of the Cooperative’s products is expanded in pursuit of trends with new items. In the development of technology and the implementation of new products, Chema cooperates with many scientific and research centers in Poland.


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