Cleansing with ATOPIGO®
bath concentrate

  • Recommended as a safe method of preventing and alleviating AD symptoms
  • It contributes to the improvement of the condition of the skin and its greater resistance to infections: bacterial, fungal and viral
  • It cleanses the skin of impurities that aggravate AD symptoms


Hydration with ATOPIGO®
emollient body lotion

  • The formula rich in emollients regenerates the skin and restores its barrier functions
  • The lotion comprehensively nourishes and soothes the skin, bringing immediate relief
  • The skin remains hydrated for a long time, and the symptoms of dryness and itching are alleviated
  • Regular use prevents the recurrence of skin dryness

Cleansing and hydration

Fill the tub with 100 liters of lukewarm water. Carefully add the entire contents of the Atopigo® bottle to the water.
In the case of bathing in a baby bathtub: Measure 5 milliliters of concentrate for every 5 liters of water.

Immerse the body in the prepared bath. Don’t dip the head in the water. The bath should last 10 minutes.
Rinse the body thoroughly with lukewarm running water.
Gently dry the body with a towel. Do not rub the skin.
While the skin is still slightly damp, use the usual skin medications, followed by Atopigo® emollient lotion, which will ensure that the maximum amount of moisture is retained in the skin.


Try ATOPIGO® and see how it works!

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