Advantages of ATOPIGO®

regenerates • moisturizes • soothes

Make sure that your child’s skin is healthy and well-groomed with ATOPIGO® Emollient Body Lotion.

The lotion has a physiological pH, is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested under the supervision of a pediatrician. It can be used from the first day of life.

ATOPIGO® is a lotion designed to be used whenever the skin needs strong hydration and relief. The ingredients contained in ATOPIGO® regenerate the skin, restoring its barrier functions.

Keep your baby’s skin hydrated and soothed with ATOPIGO®!

Action after the first use:

Instantly soothes itchy skin

It has a soothing effect and soothes skin irritations

Instantly eliminates the feeling of dry skin

Gives a long-lasting feeling of skin hydration also after bathing

Leaves the skin silky and pleasant to the touch

Leaves a perceptible, protective layer on the skin

Natural composition

Formula rich in emollients

Natural PLUM SEED OIL, LINSEED OIL and AVOCADO BUTTER provide the skin with essential unsaturated fatty acids, which support the reconstruction of the protective hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis and restore the physiological functions of the skin.

Plum seed oil

Linseed oil

Avocado butter

Fatty acids complex

Compatible with the skin, the natural OLIVE OIL FATTY ACIDS COMPLEX integrates with the skin after application, the physiological organization of epidermal lipids and the barrier functions of the skin are restored.

Other ingredients

GLYCERIN retains water in the skin and protects against its loss.

ALANTOIN and VITAMIN E soothe irritations and support skin regeneration.



Vitamin E

Effects of long-term use*:

skin hydration in
100% of respondents
skin condition in
100% of respondents
roughness in
95% of respondents
prevents the appearance of itching in
80% of respondents
reduces the symptoms of skin irritation and redness in
80% of respondents
leaves a feeling of skin regeneration in
100% of respondents

* research conducted on a group of 20 people who used the product regularly for 2 weeks

Description of the action

The effect of the lotion confirmed by research

Pictures taken with the Corneofix camera and the Viscoscan camera showing positive changes in the image of the skin surface. Before applying the lotion, the skin is calloused, dead skin cells and scaling are visible. After regular1 use of the ATOPIGO® lotion, you can see a clear smoothing and a reduction in the number of corneocytes, the skin regained its healthy appearance.

1 Applied regularly for 2 weeks, based on application and dermatological tests commissioned by Chema Elektromet


Try ATOPIGO® and see how it works!

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